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Cross the sights, believe the looks.
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  • Guiti News is a French media. Our English-language productions are therefore more sporadic. To make sure you don't miss any of the latest news and analysis on migration, don't hesitate to consult the French version.
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    Political participation is a human right

     As the world celebrates Human Rights Day, the rights of millions of people living in the European Union are being repeatedly violated. The report #PartofEurope, published by Voicify today, highlights how they are excluded from participating in political and public life.

    Just in

    Culinary Tales in Exile: Food as More Than Sustenance

    In our cultural series, Culinary Tales in Exile, we explore the sentiments behind food with recipes and reflections from ten members of the Guiti News community from migratory backgrounds spanning across Iran, Palestine, Bolivia, India, Chad, Portugal, Pakistan, Syria, Brazil and Lebanon.  In this opinion piece, two of the contributors, Guest Writer Diva Garg and […]

    Just in

    The politics of exhaustion and juxtaposed controls: harmful migration governance at the Franco-British border without end in sight

    “Camps appear and then are destroyed, people in displacement come and go, they are dispersed, pushed away, subjected to violence and abuse”. In this opinion piece, Marta Welander, Director of the NGO Refugee Rights Europe, alerts to the living conditions of people in exile in the north of France, while looking at the events at […]

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