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Cross the sights, believe the looks.
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    Hajar Drissi

    Hajar Drissi

    Coordinatrice du réseau européen

    Supporting a new law on nationality in Italy, political science devotee, coordinator of the European network for Guiti News… Being a woman of many aspects, Hajar is both Italian and Moroccan, coming straight from Bologna - the place she calls home far on the other side of the Alps - and yet the best way to describe her would be through her unconditional love for lasagnas. Hajar committed herself to work for a better representation of the coming generations in politics. Rigor, passion, willingness to meet other actors of the field, are the traits she maintains since a young age - when she was pursuing a not-so-secret-anymore pianist career in an internationally known orchestra.
    When she’s not busy defending an intersectional vision of society’s issues, she is busying herself with drawings of graphic and humorous nature, for which she has discovered herself a true frenzy during the lockdown.
    Written by Alexandre Châtel

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