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  • Federico Iwakawa

    Federico Iwakawa


    Somewhere in the kitchen of a french restaurant, Frederico Iwakawa improves his daily specials. Today on the menu : roasted sweet potato bowl, with a couple of spices and split peas hummus. Cooking by daylight, Frederico changes hats when night comes, switching from an apron to a camera : “Cooking is my job, photography is my passion”. For this 34yo man, coming from Argentina, those two activities are complementary. “When I’m on a coverage, I’m going on an adventure, I’m meeting people, I never know what’s next or how it’ll end up. In my kitchen, even though I’m never safe from a contingency, things are more easily predictable.”
    After living in Morocco, Australia and Spain, Frederico found a way, in France, to live both his vocations. And our cook knows just the recipe for a well-executed photograph.
    Written by Justine Segui

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