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Cross the sights, believe the looks.
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  • Sarah Lavoine

    Sarah Lavoine

    “I’m fascinated by others’ culture”, Sarah confesses with ease. Culture in a -very- large way. She mentions the exhibit “Sur les routes des chefferies du Cameroun” at the Quai Branly museum, or Agnès Martin-Lugand last published book. Just as much windows open to other places, other eras. Hasty, Sarah runs against time, instability, as to absorb everything, know everything. It’s only after watching an investigation on stockholders that she takes interest in journalism. Then comes the concept of relations of domination of classes that assert said interest.
    There is a bitter taste in her voice when she speaks about social injustice in her country, about demonization of immigration in most media. From global warming to populism, she berates and holds firmly against every threat of society.
    Written by Ali Bachir Mustafa

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