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    Cross the sights, believe the looks.
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  • Guiti News is a French media. Our English-language productions are therefore more sporadic. To make sure you don't miss any of the latest news and analysis on migration, don't hesitate to consult the French version.
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    Guiti News is the meeting of a media project: that of defending information that is always fairer, more rational, and far from stereotypes and fantasies about migration; and a social project: that of allowing journalists in exile to continue to do their job in France.

    Talking about migration in the media is a thorny issue. Confiscation of speech, absence of the people concerned, security prism…

    A set of invisibilisation logics is set in motion. Without names, without age, without profession, people who migrate become an anonymous group that inspires little empathy, to arouse distrust. The absence of women and children is striking: it contributes to the creation of a clichĂ© of the migrant: a young man, isolated, from the Maghreb or Black Africa, without qualifications, who wants to “try his luck” in Europe.

    Added to this incomplete representation is a flood of false information, often used for political purposes. One hears over and over again that “French nationality is easily obtained” or that “immigration leads to an increase in insecurity”. The editorial team is thus committed to two levels. It intends to both humanise the trajectories of migrants and rationalise the issue with the help of researchers in the human sciences.

    Guiti News is the mark of an independent, ethical and transparent journalism, close to the field and to the people.

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