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Cross the sights, believe the looks.
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    « L’objectif est de valoriser la solidarité cubaine avec les étrangers et les réfugiés », insiste l’organisateur Mario, ici debout dans son t-shirt blanc.
    Around the world

    In Cuba, Futsal has become refugees’ new refuge

    A year ago, Guiti News reported on Afghan, Syrian and Eritrean refugees who had found a temporary home in Cuba. For them, the island was and still is not the El Dorado they hoped for. Since then, the situation on the Caribbean island has become even more challenging: Covid-19 has exacerbated restrictions and the island’s […]

    Dessin : Doudou
    Around the world

    When does a refugee stop being a refugee?

    “I had to leave my country, Lebanon, and suddenly became a refugee. Since then, I carry this “label” every day with me everywhere“. In this testimonial, Hussein Dirani wonders when we will stop considering him a refugee and confronts his new identity. Guiti News is challenging the conversation surrounding migration. Guiti brings a unique perspective […]

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