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Test your knowledge: How much do you know about female migration?

For Women’s History Month, Migrant Women Press and the Guiti News English Editorial Team have put together a quiz around the specific issues women face during their migration journeys. 

Our Partner, Migrant Women Press, is an independent media outlet created to give visibility to migrant and refugee women’s stories, especially black women, women of colour, and women from marginalised communities. Their aim is to guarantee that migrant and refugee women tell their stories for themselves.

Women in displacement face a number of challenges, including family separation, psychosocial stress and trauma, health complications – particularly for pregnant women, physical harm, risks of exploitation and gender-based violence. As women also often serve as the main caretakers for children and elderly members of the family, it deepens their need for protection and support.

Hence, Guiti News and Migrant Women Press believe that bringing light to the challenges women in exile and in transit face, as well as celebrating their accomplishments, is vital.

Text: The English Editorial Team and Migrant Women Press | Drawing: Al Mata

According to IOM (International Organization of Migration), in 2019 around 272 million people were living in a country different from their country of origin. How many of them were women?
Globally, 1 in every 25 female wage earners are employed in domestic work. How many of them are international migrants?
What percentage of migrant domestic workers are women?
Why are female applicants for asylum less successful than male applicants?
What is one of the many challenges women face during their asylum journey in the UK?
How many women refugees are estimated to have been victims of sexual violence?

How many questions did you get right? Share your score with us using #GuitiNews on Twitter or Instagram.

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