The world and the universe. It is the literal translation of the word Guiti in Persian. And it is indeed the identity of this media that has developed around various, sometimes zany encounters: at a squat in Athens, during a poetry evening in Paris, or even at the Maison des Journalistes that welcomes exiled professionals.

We all had a desire: to talk about migration differently. As journalists, we had all experienced some frustration with the media handling of these issues and had the impression that ideologies and hatred often prevailed. We wanted to break that. Because it’s in line with our stories. With more complexity, more humility and, we hope, more accuracy. So that migration does not become a chestnut tree, that it does not get lost in the blind spot, but that it fully integrates the great contemporary subjects of our time. That migration is portrayed a little less like a “political issue”, a “problem” and a “challenge” and more as human stories that only need to be told.

In an era where experience, language skills and “expatriation” are valued, foreign journalists, forced to flee their country where information can no longer be sought or told, in need of microphones, columns or cameras, cannot find work. They become waiters, computer scientists, telemarketers or dish washers.

Thus, nine months later, Guiti published its contents for the first time, with a team composed of a Syrian journalist, a Chadian journalist, a Pakistani photographer, a Cameroonian cartoonist, an activist, a cameraman and two Parisian journalists.

The debates were long, the first subjects were complicated to calibrate, the exchanges were lively – but the team, which includes as many French journalists as exiled colleagues, was united. Today, Guiti has the ambition to be the first online media for the general public offering a dual Franco-refugee perspective on the major themes of our society.

Because this migration issue is a cross-cutting one. Talking about migration also means talking about health, climate, security, women, racism, homophobia…

So, for a more accurate, complex and coherent view of today’s world, Guiti News only presents reports produced by a team of journalists, a French journalist and an exiled colleague.

Guiti : noun, meaning the world, the universe, in Persian.

Guiti : nm, signifiant le monde, l’univers, en perse.

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