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Cross the sights, believe the looks.
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    Armand Patou

    Armand Patou

    If one day you cross paths with Armand, you will always find him with a coffee or something to eat in his hands. At least fifty times a day, he will ask “When will we eat?”. Besides food, Armand has another passion, journalism.  At fifteen, Armand dreams of becoming a sports journalist. The field, too limited, too exigent and too masculin, discourages him. During his journalism studies, he becomes more and more interested in the Middle East and North Africa - with a fascination for Libya. In 2020, the Seine and Marnais is ready for adventure, heading for Beirut… That is until the explosion in the Lebanese capital occured. He ultimately gives up on his trip but keeps that dream of becoming a correspondent in the Middle East in the back of his mind.  Until then, Armand has found his place at Guiti News, where he takes pleasure in transmitting his knowledge in journalism to the youth. “People have misconceptions about the media and I want to help them find keys to understanding the media, understanding the challenges of the world surrounding them”.

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